2K Games has published a new developer diary for Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The latest installment features the game’s art director, Greg Foertsch. Foertsch wants to help revive the nostalgia for the PC gamers who may remember the series in all of its pixelated glory back when it was sporting graphics worthy of its 320 x 240 resolution screen.

The game’s cartoony aesthetic belies a game still built around the fear of the unknown, of not knowing what lurks in the shadows but knowing it could well kill you. While he admits that the characters resemble action figures, it’s exactly what he was hoping to accomplish.

The game is looking great and should bring back a lot of fond memories for fans of the original games. The re-imagining of the franchise looks to be in good hands if skilled and passionate people like Foertsch are at the helm. The game is set to release later on this year.