Well here we are, just over a year after the release of Portal 2 and finally staring down the level editor DLC promised at launch. A wait like this might seem excessive, but with the quality of the final product and the unbeatable price tag of “free” we’d say that Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative was well worth the wait.

Wrapped in the narrative veneer of a grand multiversal scam to outsource design and production jobs to parallel Earths, Perpetual Testing Initiative makes level editing more accessible than ever. The new editor definitely takes some cues from Valve’s in-house Hammer editor – already heavily used in Portal 2 fan editing – but the latter’s highly technical nature and lack of level-sharing feature had to be addressed (and were) if PTI was going to be used by the general public. The result, while likely a bit simplistic to the veteran modder, offers a streamlined and intuitive system to create your very own fantasy deathtrap/test chamber.

Complete with dozens of new voice clips from J.K. Simmons as Portal 2 scene-stealer Cave Johnson selling the multiple-reality mashup, the only thing potentially keeping Portal 2 from remaining fresh into the foreseeable future is a lapse in user creativity. No doubt there will be plenty of diamonds to come out of this, but if we know anything about the Internet we’re willing to bet we’ll be wading through countless phallic-shaped tests with conversion gel leaks at the end before we get to them.