Grabbing coins has always been a priority for Mario, but in New Super Mario Bros. 2 it’s the outright objective. Little was revealed about the drive behind the plumber’s supercharged gold lust in his newest portable title at Nintendo’s 3DS conference tonight, but the ultimate goal of gathering one million of the gold pieces was heavily emphasized.

To expedite this goal, coins have become ridiculously common: Killing enemies grants coins, kicking shells grants coins, hitting blocks grants coins (more so than usual), and there’s even a golden Fire Flower power-up that converts destroyed enemies and architecture into cash ripe for the taking. If anything, the demo really makes it look like you’re just doing something wrong if you go a few seconds without your coin total going up.

Nintendo’s overarching theme of socialization carried over to the NSMB2 presentation as well, with a live gameplay demonstration of the two-player co-op mode nearly identical to NSMBWii‘s (right down to the catch-the-hell-up bubble) taking up a few extra minutes of the show. Competition via StreetPass will also be possible, with high scores passed around as an asynchronous multiplayer challenge to the recipient.

One thing bothers us about all this: The demo confirmed that 100 coins still grant Mario an extra life, so with the gameplay designed around gathering more coins than ever before what is it that will keep the game challenging? We’ll find out on August 19th.