It’s been the better part of a year since we heard the announcement of a new game in the growing Little King’s Story franchise was coming to Playstation Vita, so when the new trailer rolled out for E3 we were relieved to see the portable title was still afloat. In a sea of high octane, blood-drenched shooters and actioners, something calm and colorful like New Little King’s Story sticks out in just the right way.

The Vita-exclusive newcomer picks back up on the story of King Corobo, and the new art style certainly helps convey his maturation in the intervening time, as well as making the game stand apart from its older brothers just enough to feel fresh. The mechanics, while not terribly unfamiliar, will take advantage of the Vita’s touch screen when recruiting new townsfolk to your cause. We’ll see this fall just how deeply these and any other changes run.