In December 2009, Rovio Entertainment released a colorful little physics puzzler called Angry Birds on iOS, and it wasn’t terribly long before the millions of downloads piled up and the title became the veritable face of mobile gaming (and some might say of gaming overall for this decade). Success like this is never left alone for long, and in addition to the formal sequel – Angry Birds in Space – the breakout developer has now let slip a few specifics for a spinoff title featuring the series’ antagonists, Bad Piggies.

More than the simple reskin many feared such a project would be, Bad Piggies promises to paint the abnormally-colored pigs and their insatiable hunger for eggs in a more sympathetic light. The game will purportedly be centered around star collection much like its predecessor, but instead of slingshots the pigs will employ player-built vehicles that must remain together and in working order long enough to collect them.

Bad Piggies is set to release later this month – September 27 – on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Until then, we’ve got little to go on besides a less-than-informative teaser trailer. Just the same, hope you enjoy: